Stress Relief Games for Groups

Stress relief games are similar to other relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga. While playing these games, you will completely forget the thoughts that burden your mind, thereby affecting your physical and mental health. Here are some stress relief games that you and your friends can play. These games help individuals open up and feel free.
Lie Detector
lie detector
Each one of you must take a piece of paper and write 3-5 things about yourself, one of which must be a lie. When each member of the group has finished writing, the fun part of the game begins. One of you will read aloud the things that they have written about themselves and other members have to tell which one is a lie. This is a fun game that will help you know about each other better and you will also know how much others know about you.
Board Games
board games
Board games need a lot of concentration and focus, and they need to be played with a specific strategy. You can opt for the most common board game, i.e., chess or others like monopoly, checkers, scrabble, etc. Though some of these games are easy to play, each game has its rules and you definitely forget other things while trying to win the game.
Who likes What
top ten
This is a game in which you have to decide a category. It can be anything, like movies, actors, songs, games, etc. Now, each one has to write a list consisting of their favorites in this category. For example, if the category is movies, write down ten favorite movies. Once everyone is done, collect all the lists and mix them in a bowl. Now, one of you can be the leader, pick one list and read aloud the items on it. You have to guess whose list this can be.
Outdoor Games
There are a number of outdoor games, like badminton, golf, volley ball, etc., which can be played in groups. Moreover, these games give you good physical exercise. You can also have a fun time with the group members. You can even attend the gym or aerobics sessions or go for cycling with your friends.
Gossip Game
One of you has to start by whispering a message in the ear of the person next to you, who has to whisper the same message in the ear of the person next to him/her, and so on. Once the last person hears the message, he/she has to tell it aloud. Now, the first one has to tell the original message and you will realize how much it has changed till it was finally heard by the last person.
The aforementioned games help each member to mix up in the group and forget all worries. Group games are amongst the best activities for relieving stress.