Muscle Relaxation Techniques

With our hectic schedule, we have numerous things to do. Living a hectic life can really tax the body. One can suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure, low energy, muscle tension, chronic pain, and other such problems. All these health problems will add up to stress. Too much stress can make you angry, frustrated, and diffident. However, spending a few days practicing some relaxation techniques can greatly help release the tension in your muscles, joints, and slow down your thoughts, and enable you to relax.

There are many techniques, and one might suit you better than the other. However, here we shall focus on muscle relaxation techniques that will help you relax your body, which will calm your mind, slow down breathing, and relax your heart too. So, sit in a comfortable position and wear loose-fitting clothes. Then follow the steps mentioned below and try out each technique.

▶ Techniques to Relieve Stressed Muscles
Here are three relaxation techniques which you can do anytime you want. Doing these relaxation techniques in the morning is a better idea. Because, performing any of these techniques help you to have a relaxed attitude throughout the day.
Breathing to Relax
This is a simple meditation technique which you can do any time. So, sit down in a comfortable position. Once you are good with this technique, you can do it while lying down too.
deep breathing relaxation technique
• Keep your hands in front of you in a relaxed position. If you want you can support your back.

• Then breathe in deeply and slowly for few seconds. Hold the breath for 2 seconds and then breathe out slowly and hold for 2 seconds. Repeat.

• This way feel the pause between two breathes, to deepen your relaxation.

• Whenever you are breathing out, feel the tension in a muscle relaxing. For each body part or a body area where the tension is too much, repeat this exercise 5 times. This way breathe relaxing every body area.

relaxation method
Tensing and Relaxing Technique
• For this technique lie down in a comfortable position. Adjust your body for a minute till you have found that comfortable position.

• Now, tense your feet as much as you can and then relax and feel the relaxation spreading in your feet. This way tense calves and then release them. Keep repeating for various body parts till you have reached the head.

• There are many muscles in face so take special care when using this technique for face.

• Make the face as tense as possible, keep tensing it longer and then release. Then feel the relaxation spreading throughout the face.

• For few minutes keep lying down and enjoy this relaxed state. Then you can carry on with your chores. You can do this technique before going to bed and first thing in morning, to keep yourself relaxed all day long.

visualization technique
• This can be a powerful technique to relax muscle when done properly.

• Lie down or sit in a comfortable position.

• Then portray a place where you are relaxed with your environment and yourself.

• If you want you can have music playing in the background to help you visualize better.

• Visualize you are in that place and are one with nature and are happy.

• Keep visualizing for 10 minutes.

• Then slowly open up your eyes.