The Art of Relaxation

There are many ways in which one can maintain balance in stressful situations. There are many meditation techniques, one can learn for relaxing and finding peace. But, one can also find peace in small acts, like offering your seat in a bus to an old man or woman. So, everything is subjective and not dependent on any fixed methods. Below are some ways for you to try out, to become more relaxed and peaceful.
Controlling Breath
man breathing
One of the simplest and easiest ways to relax in any situation is to breathe in deeply, feel the gap between the breaths, and breathe out slowly. This relaxing technique can be used in a situation involving mental stress, or can be used when going through a physical stressful situation, like when going through nausea or pain.
Concentrating on Positive Aspects
woman in a garden
One of the ways to avoid tensions, is to maintain a positive attitude towards life. Green is considered a healing color and by maintaining indoor house plants or sitting in a place like a garden where you are surrounded by trees can help. Another way is, when caught in a stressful situation, start thinking of all the beautiful and joyful things in your life and you will feel relaxed.
Yoga to Prevent Stress
Many people think that Yoga is for physical fitness, but actually Yoga is a type of meditation. For mental peace and calm, one can go for Yoga asanas. But, there are many asanas (postures) involved in Yoga meditation, so do a little research before you select any specific asanas of Yoga for relaxation.
Other Methods for Relaxing
There are many meditation techniques based on Zen, Tao, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, laughter, etc. The meditation techniques help a person deeply, but for some immediate stress relievers, you can listen to some soft relaxing meditation music, or some soft instrumental music. It is important that you increase your tolerance, about people who annoy you. For example, if your boss annoys you a lot, then instead of reacting you can either ignore or tolerate your boss. And, when you get back home, you can beat up a pillow and take out all your suppressed anger. Self hypnosis is another way, which can help a person to relax immediately. In a stressful situation, even drinking a glass of water can help you to cool down.
So, you can experiment with the above methods to deal with stress. If you find a technique, which greatly helps you to relax, then practice it everyday for an hour or even few minutes, as this will give you inner peace. Start with the breathing method, as it is a sure way, and helps in the most extreme situations too. Maintaining a healthy body will also reduce stress, as the body and mind are connected deeply and a change in one affects the other. So, a healthy body with a balanced diet and exercises can also help you to relax and lead a long and healthy life!