Hypnosis Mind Control Techniques

You may have heard of many hypnosis techniques that help you hijack the conscious mind of the person under your control and make him/her do whatever you want. There are many stories about this technique that show that people did things they shouldn’t have and have no memory of it. Putting someone under a trance and leading him/her to do things you want is mind control. The most famous example of this is the story of Candy Jones, a famous model and pin-up girl of the 1940s and 50s. She claimed that she was a victim of mind control techniques of the CIA under the Project MKULTRA of the 1960s.
Hypnosis Mind Control
Hypnosis is not just a glam trick of magicians and showmen. It is a very useful medical treatment that helps many people suffering from various addictions get rid of it. It also helps people overcome their bad habits and forget about some of their psychological fears. This technique has been used on patients suffering from immense pain due to cancer, grievous accidents, and burn victims to control the pain and reduce the intensity of the discomfort. It has been found by a study conducted by International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis that it reduces the feeling of pain by 75%.
Psychologists even use this technique to help people overcome their food cravings and lose weight easily. Pregnant women also undergo hypnosis to help them overcome labor pain and deliver the baby with ease. These were some of the medical uses of this technique, but there are a few speculative uses of it too.
It is used by many skilled hypnotics to persuade people to do something they don’t even realize they are doing. The person becomes a total zombie following only the voice that controls it. There are many stories you may come across in papers, magazines, and all over the Internet where people used hypnosis as a tool to make someone sign the papers to a property, made the cashier in the bank hand over the cash without much resistance, or kidnappers hypnotizing children and taking them away. There are even grave stories where one was sexually abused under hypnosis or even made to murder someone.
This shows that hypnosis is a two-edged sword that can be useful and dangerous at the same time. But, can you use this technique in your daily lives to get what you want? Can you persuade your boss to let you go home early everyday or convince your teenage son to concentrate on studies. Well, the art of persuasion, also known as mind control, can be commonly used to get away with minor things in life.
Simple Mind Control Techniques
You carry out hypnosis everyday without even realizing you’re doing it. This happens when you like a person and you tend to follow them. So, if your best friend asks you to go out for a movie when you are supposed to sit down to study for the test next day, you follow your best friend to the movie theater without much delay. If someone likes you, he/she may follow all your wimps and fancies just to please you. Thus, you will notice that a number of times you said “yes” to something when someone you like or are attracted to asked you for a favor.
But what about someone who is a total stranger, like a salesman or prospective client? In this case, you need to follow the mind control techniques of mirroring people’s behavior. The answer lies in observing the person carefully and catching some repetitive actions or words that he/she uses. You need to use the same words or actions while interacting with that person, and he/she will soon realize the similarities and develop a rapport with you.
Mind Control through Stories
You may have observed that people get engrossed when reading an interesting story or watching movies and try to enact the character that created the biggest impact in their mind. So, weave some short anecdotes in your conversations everyday that will help you control the mind of the other person. You can even use negative sentences to make a person do something you want to. This is just like reverse psychology. Tell the person that he/she doesn’t need to do the thing right now and the person will do what you want immediately.
It is very important to use your words carefully though, as people immediately imagine an image of the action you ask them to do. When you ask the person not to drop the glass case, he imagines the glass case falling and maybe even drop it. But if you ask the person to safely transport the glass case, chances are that he/she will just be more careful.
These were just a few techniques that you may try. Hypnotism is an art that one learns after years of practice. When you make someone go under a trance, it is very important to know how to have the person come out of it without any ill consequences. Many hypnotics use a clap, click, or a word to make a person undergo a trance or come out of deep sleep. You are playing with the subconscious mind and making it more alert than the conscious mind with hypnosis.
You never know what the person has stored in his/her subconscious mind that may prove to be harmful for both you and the person. So be very careful before trying out these techniques. But, you can always use the more simple mind control techniques in your everyday life and get a good bargain from the salesman or make your husband come home early everyday. Just make sure you don’t get hypnotized by the attractive person opposite to you in the bar.