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Many people in our world will attest to the power of prayer. There are stories all over of people who have been healed or found a job, or found some sort of spiritual guidance, due to the power of their prayers. There is also a belief that certain people are better at praying than others. Whether you believe that prayer really works or if you believe the power of prayer can really be attributed to positive thinking; either way, it never hurts to give prayer a shot.
Prayer and Positive Thinking
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Prayer changes the attitude of those who are praying. You may be thinking positively that God can change your situation, or if you just hold a belief that things can get better, positive thinking can be very effective. If anyone has ever told you to look at the good in a situation and that has helped you not to feel negative, you know the power that positive thinking. Prayer is type of positive thinking, coz when you believe a situation will get better, you are most likely going to be right.
Prayer and Visualization
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When playing sports, players are often asked to envision success. When you pray, you are unintentionally envisioning success by seeing what you want and asking for it. This is also a major factor in what makes meditation work. When you visualize success, it can be within your reach. When you pray, you are asking for something specific. Just the fact of asking for something specific can help you visualize what you want and go get it.
Prayer and Belief
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If you believe it, you can do it. If you’ve ever heard this phrase, you know it to be at least partially true. When you pray for something, you believe that you will have help completing it, which can give you an extra boost of confidence. Confidence is the key to success, and prayer can help you gain the confidence you may lack if you feel you are trying to accomplish something entirely alone. It can also help to know that someone, God in this case, has your back.
Prayers of Others
When other people agree to pray for you, they are giving you confidence as well. If you’ve ever asked for affirmation from someone else about anything at all, you know that when someone else encourages you, it can make you more confident and give you a push in the right direction. The prayer of others is another form of positive thinking. If someone agrees to pray for you, that means they believe in you and they want you to be happy. They want you to succeed, and are willing to help you do so.
All in all, if you believe that prayer is powerful, you are right. If you believe that prayer is another form of positive thinking, you are also probably right. Regardless of what you believe, prayer and positive thinking can be very powerful by helping you visualize your success, believe in yourself, and build confidence. When others pray for you, it can be equally powerful. Never underestimate the power of prayer and positive thinking. It can absolutely change your life, and many people will attest to it.