Swine Flu Phobia

Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to tone down the severity of Swine Flu. Please take it seriously and contribute in your own way, to restrict the spread of this dreadful viral disease.
  • The world has become nosophobic (that’s the fear of contracting a disease) about the ‘factor’ called Swine Flu. (Previously, the factor was Bird Flu, now it’s the swine’s turn. Factors change; fears don’t.)
  • I am sure many Indians have become xenophobic (that’s the fear of foreigners)
  • If you are anthropophobic about those with Swine Flu, you better be so! (as that’s the phobia of people)
  • If you are agoraphobic about going to confined or crowded places that’s well and good! (agoraphobia is the fear of places where escape is impossible)
  • It’s great if you are mysophobic. (that’s the fear of germs and dirt)
  • But you cannot afford to be ablutophobic (that’s the fear of washing/cleaning). It is rather advisable to wash your hands with soap or disinfectant, as often as you can.
  • If you have even the slightest symptoms of Swine Flu, you cannot afford to be autophobic (that’s the fear of being alone), as you need to remain in isolation so that those around you are saved from getting inflicted by the flu.
  • In case you observe any of the symptoms of Swine Flu, visit a certified doctor immediately. Obtain a medical certificate that you have been tested negative for Swine Flu and only then, get back to work. No organization would want its employees to get a workplace phobia (that’s the phobia of coming to office)
  • They say, vaccination against Swine Flu will help, but that’s in no way a relief to the trypanophobics (that’s the fear of injections)

I hope you have not become phobophobic after reading this. (phobophobia is the fear of having a phobia)

The surprisingly speedy spread of Swine Flu (alliteration unintended) has caused a lot of fear in many parts of the world. The H1N1 virus seems to have become erratic; for some, it is proving fatal, for others a cause of worry. However, it should be noted that some of those who died of swine flu in fact had a medical history of underlying respiratory or cardiac disorders.
There were some who succumbed to Swine Flu, but there were others who were successfully cured. With the necessary medical precautions and safety measures, we will definitely be able to combat this dreadful ailment. Eventually, ‘human’ will win and not the ‘virus’. Do not panic unnecessarily. First ‘understand’, then ‘act’. Or you might end up getting panphobia(that’s the fear of everything without knowing what’s causing it!)