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Some say that it is that part of the mind that lies dormant as we go about doing our daily work. Others say that it is the counterpart of our conscious mind that is active while we are sleeping. Those who believe in subconscious mind say that it gives us a peek into our desires and ambitions that we secretly hold, some of which eludes even our consciousness. Although a foolproof definition of subconscious hasn’t yet been achieved, its power has been acknowledged by mankind for long. No empirical proof has been found, but the term has found mention centuries ago in various cultures of the world and meditation is just one of the techniques that our ancestors used as an exercise for subconscious mind control.
Although development in the field of science and technology had diverted human attention more towards empirical attributes of the universe, subconscious mind power and control has seen renewed interest in recent decades. Here are a few techniques that help us connect to our inner voice.
Mind Exercises and Techniques
Meditation: It is believed that meditation is a mode through which we communicate with our subconscious. While we meditate, we aim to relieve our mind of all the distractions. We try to calm our conscious mind by bringing all our thoughts together to some particular object. As we do this, we attune ourselves to the voice of our subconscious mind, that so often gets stifled by our conscious mind. For doing this, sit in a place where there would be minimum distraction and concentrate on some particular object in your mind. Initially start with just 10 minutes of meditation. Then increase it with practice. You could also practice meditation while lying in bed, just before going off to sleep.
Self Hypnosis: Self hypnosis is a mode through which the subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind. During hypnotism, our mind becomes calm and we are able to concentrate better on what our subconscious mind has to say. As we listen to it during hypnosis, our conscious mind becomes aware of what its quiet counterpart has to say. Once we wake up, we follow what the conscious mind learned about our real desires during hypnosis.
Visualization: This is believed to be the most effective exercise. This exercise involves seeing oneself in a role that one aspires to become. This technique is commonly used by sportsperson to improve their skills, and is done just before going to the field to play their sport. Scientific research has shown that brain waves while visualization and while an individual actually performs the act, are the same. This means that our brain cannot differentiate between whether we are imagining or doing it for real, it reacts with equal fervor in either case.
Positive Self Affirmation: Say these things to yourself:

  • I AM the best.
  • I CAN do that.
  • I WILL succeed.
  • I WILL be happy.

These are positive self affirmations that you could use to train your subconscious mind to believe that you can achieve success. Self affirmations done in this way, is a way of communicating and imprinting in the subconscious mind that you will succeed in whatever endeavor you chose to indulge in.

Use Vision Actively: Other than just repeating the self affirmations verbally, one can also write them down on a sheet of paper and stick or hang them at such a place that the words can be seen by frequently throughout the day. In place of these sayings, one can also use posters or pictures that denote some form of achievement or success. You may also put the picture of your ideal who inspires you. These are options to train your subconscious mind to boost your confidence.
Intuition: We all have felt a feeble voice inside our heads that keeps nagging at us not to indulge in a particular act. We often neglect it and through the consequence of our act, we later realize that we should have listened to that voice. This is another aspect that science has not been able to explain. Nevertheless we call it intuition, that always seems to know what is right for us. Many believe that this is the voice of our subconscious mind communicating with us. The more we stifle it, the more feeble it becomes. To strengthen this voice, listen to it and try to think why is that voice speaking to you like that.
Understand Your Dreams: If intuition is the auditory means of the subconscious communicating with you, then dreams are its visual counterpart. To understand what it is trying to tell you, write down your dream every time you see one. Over time, you may be able find a pattern in your dreams that may have some specific meaning.
Stream of Consciousness Writing: Sit with a pen and a piece of paper, and ensure that your mind is in a calm state. Now start writing down whatever comes to your mind, and do not try to influence your thoughts. Initially the thoughts would be that of the conscious mind. However, after sometime the conscious thoughts would be replaced by those of the subconscious mind.
The aforementioned mind exercises and techniques are practiced by many, and they are known to have given good result. However, in order to have control over the mind, one needs to have patience. It’s not easy to quieten the conscious mind and hear the voice of the subconscious mind. It is only through a lot of practice that one may be able to see any results