Self-esteem Group Activities

There are many definitions of self-esteem, the simplest being “respect, confidence, and satisfaction for yourself, and the ability to accept your own faults.” A person with a high self-esteem knows the difference between right and wrong, accepts it, and behaves according to his/her perception.
When we carry around an image created by internal evaluation of ourselves — consciously or subconsciously — and act accordingly, we are known to have a high self-esteem. It is not an innate part of our personalities, but it is acquired through experience, interactions, and upbringing that we receive or come across since childhood.
Based on our failures and success, we build an image about our own selves, and this personality is portrayed before the people around us. It is a very important part of our development from a child to a mature individual, and it helps us in our personal and professional lives.

For people who are low on self-esteem, there are certain activities, which can be practiced together in order to boost their self-worth. A few of these activities and their importance are compiled in the paragraphs below; so, do take a look.

Activities for Kids
It is extremely essential for kids to build a certain level of self-esteem, because it can be very helpful to a child who is developing both mentally and physically. During the growing up stages, there are various types of experiences and situations that have an impact on their personalities, their likes, and dislikes.
The maturity to make decisions, the ability to make the right choices, and the endurance to face the consequences of the wrong ones, all depend on a few self-esteem exercises. During these phases of growth, the support from a parent, or family is a major requirement for kids.
When they are not subjected to the right balance between trust and liberty, their basic personality turns into someone who is afraid, timid, low on confidence, and shy. To keep them away from these unhealthy traits, it is very important to subject them to some group activities in school, or at home to help lift their self-esteem.
Commercials Activity
As the name goes, this activity involves making some special commercials. It is a great activity that kids will enjoy and learn from. In this, provide a chart paper and some color pens to all the kids, and allot a total time of 5 minutes. Ask them to design a commercial and advertise themselves; say, how they would introduce themselves in front of everyone.
They can use the chart paper if they want and create a 2-minute long ad saying something about themselves. Let the other kids sit in the audience with you and enjoy each performance. In this activity, kids will learn about the good attributes of others, and this activity will boost their own confidence and self-esteem. It will also help them get over their stage fright.
Moment of Pride
Moment of Pride
In this activity, give a piece of paper to all the kids, and ask them to write their name on it. After that, fold it and keep it in a bowl. Pick one of the folded paper, and ask the kid to come and stand in front of the group. The rest of the group will have to say one word that describes the kid well. Make sure the attributes do not get repeated, and taboo the bad ones.
With this activity, the person standing in front will feel on top of the world. Then pick the next paper, and repeat the whole activity again for the other children, who are participating in it. This will help the kids in understanding what others think of them, which will boost their morale and self-worth.
The Interview Technique
Girl Is Interviewed On Stage
Facing an interview is one of the best ways to increase self-confidence and communication skills. It is a good activity for kids to understand the techniques of an interview. In this, form pairs and ask the kids to take an interview. Thus, everyone in this activity will have to face a volley of questions. Set a time limit, or decide the number of questions that are going to be asked.
In addition, once the interview is done, the interviewers have to introduce the kid in front of everyone, and give points depending on how the interview went. In this way, all will learn their good qualities as well as any weaknesses, eventually upping their self-esteem.
Board Games
Board Games
Another interactive and fun self-esteem group activity can be playing simple board games, such as chess, scrabble, checkers, family, brain teasers, etc. These games force kids to concentrate and learn, which will also help them in their studies. Kids love these games, and enjoy them with partners as well as teammates. These games can also help them in learning new words and facts about places/things.
You can form teams among the kids, or may be you can team with them, and help them in playing these games. It is a great way of interaction as well. Apart from learning, it will also test the children’s IQ and logical thinking skills.
Kids painting
This is one interesting activity for kids that will help them find out their hobbies, interests, and goals in life. It is a creative way to boost some self-esteem in kids. Provide kids with chart paper, color pens, and some magazines. Ask them to make a collage that will represent themselves. They can cut pictures from magazines, or draw them.
The collage should include what they like, or what they want to become in life, their dream destinations, etc. You can also ask kids to guess who the collages belong to. I am sure they will have a fun time doing so.
Guess Who?
Guess Who
In this activity, write the names of all the team members separately on small pieces of paper, fold it, and keep it in a bowl. Then ask everyone to come and pick up random chits of paper. Each one will have a name written on it. After that, each kid will have to come in front and will have to act out certain mannerisms. The rest of the group will have to guess who the person is.
For instance, John gets a chit with the name Sam written on it. John will enact Sam’s behavior, his liking, and what are his career goals. This activity makes for a sporty game for kids coupled with a lot of laughter.
Activities for Adults
Adults, who are low on self-esteem are considered to be weaker than children because such people who are timid, have stage fright and lack confidence, wit, and ability to take on-the-spot decisions are in for a big loss in their personal and professional lives.

They usually have had an unsupported childhood, or have not had anyone say to them, “I am proud of you”, even though they may have tried to prove themselves regularly. This lack of trust and support often puts them down and makes them feel like a failure, which leads to low self-esteem.

Not having confidence on yourself is an extremely unhealthy trait, which can have negative consequences. You may not be able to take decisions, often land up disappointed, go through depression, become a pessimist, enter into unhealthy relationships, or may even attempt suicide.

Such people have to build their self-esteem, respect themselves, and understand that they are not worthless, if they want to be an achiever and succeed in life. Therefore, a number of companies and public places hold activities for upping the self-esteem of such individuals, and include them in various types of team building and planning activities.

What’s in a Name?
What's in a Name
This is a great activity, which will help in boosting people’s self-esteem. Distribute a piece of paper to all the group members, and ask them to write their own name vertically on the paper in big font size. Once written, ask them to fold it and collect it in a box. Then mix it, and distribute it randomly. Make sure that no one gets his own sheet. After that, ask everyone to write a positive quality of the person (whose name is written on the sheet) that starts from each letter in the name.
Say, for SAM, it will go like S – Smiling, A – Adorable, M – Modest. Once all have finished writing, ask them to read it aloud (the name of the person and the qualities that have been written about).
The Paper Gift
Paper Gift
This is one interesting activity which all can enjoy, but will be better played if the members are known to each other. At first, pairs are made, and then a chart paper will be distributed to all the members. Now, it is assumed that both the partners know each other; at least some details about their likes and dislikes. As per that, they will have to think about a gift that they want to give to their partner and will have to draw it on that sheet.
Once everyone is done, each member will have to tell the whole group what the gift is, and a genuine reason has to be given for selecting a particular gift. It is a fun game and will help in bonding as well. Overall, each person will feel appreciated, adding to their self-esteem.
7 Things
Beautiful Young Woman
7 things is one great activity for a group of adults to build their self-esteem. In this game, the group mates have to observe a partner for 5 minutes and write 7 things they liked and 7 things they didn’t like about them.
The game’s risky, but fun if taken in the right spirit. It is better played when the group knows each other quite well, or if not, then general attributes can be given that will describe the person. This kind of activity can help one understand how his/her first impression goes and can work upon it if required.
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
In this game, there are various positive things that you reveal about yourself, thus building your self-esteem. A mirror is placed before all the participants, and they have to find out things they like about themselves. Each member will have to stand in front of the mirror for a minute and say out loud all the things, they feel they are and they want to be. One can sit and note it down. It can later be handed over to the person, who can make it as a goal sheet for themselves. Sounds fun, right?
Flip Flop
In this activity, you need to form pairs, and then distribute a sheet of paper to everyone. Ask everyone to write 10 good things and 5 bad things about themselves. Once it is done, the pairs will exchange their sheet with their partner. The partner will have to read out the ten good things and then give solutions on the five bad things that have been mentioned. The other partner will do the same and convert the five bad things into good ones by giving solutions.
Other Social Activities
Social Activities
Here, you can include social activities, like participating in group discussions, holding fun interviews, debates, political talks, visiting NGOs, etc. This will definitely help the people find their interests, and they can use their skills and talent for appreciation.
Fitness Dance
Other self-esteem group activities can be drawing, painting, literature, acting, dancing, sports, etc. Meeting people and talking to them, or doing some fun activity helps in removing all your fear, frustration, and makes you feel more confident, which later increases your self-worth as well.
With these interesting self-esteem group activities, the individuals interacting with each other can make lots of friends, build confidence, become more approachable, and learn how to strike conversations with strangers. Self-esteem is the plus side of one’s own worth. It is the basis of your character — it is who you are.