Schizoid Personality Disorder Symptoms

A person that suffers from a schizoid personality disorder is often caught up in a world that is misunderstood by those around him, seeing that they tend to cut off from those who love and know them. They’re the kind who choose careers that have them in a secluded job profile that has less client and employee communication. It also gives them a chance to do their own thing alone, without people having to butt in on their business. Those who suffer from the symptoms of schizophrenia are also withdrawn from friends and loved ones often missing out on social events and gatherings. They tend to spend time alone with themselves in solitary confinement either in their homes or bedrooms, coming off as emotionless and unfeeling.
It is a chronic condition that inhabits the mind, altering one’s personality as it progresses over the years where most people avoid going in for treatment or are in denial that they have a problem to begin with. If not diagnosed in time, it can lead to depression and other damaging personality mishaps that can possibly crop up over a span of time. It has been statistically noticed that more men than women suffer from this disorder, seeing that lifestyles of the former are more stressful, with a lack of emotional confrontation that women are more in tune with than men.
✚ Schizoid Personality Disorder Causes
The main areas speculated that bring on a case of this personality disorder, are those that deal with one’s psychological and genetic conditions. How they grew up and interacted with those around them, as well as how often they were exposed to socializing with people their age right through their childhood and finally adulthood, is all under scrutiny. It can affect behavioral and brain patterns changing the way one perceives the world if subjected to negatively influenced factors right up from a young age. There is a possibility that the disorder can be passed on from one family member to the next although this finding hasn’t been made definitive. How one copes with everyday instances be it school, work, stress, trauma, health issues and so on, all affects the delicacies of our brains, with the danger of adversely affecting the way we behave, act and live our lives.
✚ Schizoid Personality Disorder Symptoms
The traits of someone suffering from this disorder are quite noticeable especially if you sense how estranged a loved one is not just from you, but from others of the family as well. It can help you identify these symptoms in those you know and seek the help that they need before it leads to a situation far more serious than just a personality alternation.

  • Indifferent attitude towards praise and constructive criticism.
  • Job profiles entail that they work more in seclusion, than within a team of employees.
  • Likes being independent and doing activities alone.
  • Follows through with work or responsibilities but never heads either.
  • No close friends or valued relationships.
  • Emotional revelations are limited.
  • Feelings of low self-esteem and motivation.
  • Comes off as cold and uninterested in what others have to say.
  • Not easy to relate to others.
  • Tends to live in a world of fantasy and make-believe.
  • Not interested in being part of a sexual relationship.
  • Doesn’t confide in anyone for advice or help.
✚ Schizoid Personality Disorder Treatment
There is medication given to patients who are diagnosed with this personality disorder, using a combination of psychotherapy as well. It exposes them to ways on how to deal with communicating better with others, slowly opening them up to what surrounds them while addressing disturbing issues that may have fueled them to end up this way. Cognitive therapy also plays a significant role in helping patients deal with this disorder, with antianxiety medicationantidepressants and anti-psychotics medicines are included while in therapy.
The symptoms of this disorder could turn a whole different shade of color and transform into something quite unmanageable, where using family or friends as a crutch, is the best way to help one cope with this disorder.