How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks occur mainly when there is too much or excess worry and fear in one’s mind. Worrying is a natural part of our thought process and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you keep it under control. When you are worrying excessively, it can affect your work, your night’s sleep, etc. If it continues unchecked for a long time, then your behavior and mental state can also get badly affected. People of any age group, including children, can suffer from panic attacks.
It has been found that certain factors like traumatic childhood, lack of support system, loss of job, divorce, death of closed ones, etc often contribute towards this condition to a great extent. There are medicines that can be used to stop anxiety attacks, but most of them are addictive and have other side effects. For this reason, we are highlighting the natural ways to stop anxiety attacks.
Natural Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety symptoms can show up at any point of time. Here are simple methods that can be effective as anxiety cures:
Face the Problem
Acceptance of the feelings of an anxiety attack can solve your problem to a great extent. We often try to deny the feelings, which in turn give rise to some other negative emotions like anger. Identify the kind of feelings you get during a panic attack and find out the reason that why you are getting them. Then it will be much easier to find a solution for the existing problem.
Breathing Control
The will help to relax the mind and body and stop anxiety and panic attacks. When we are anxious, our breathing becomes shallow and fast. To check the anxiety attack, what you need to do is to slow down your breathing. Make sure each of your breaths are deep and complete. Focus your attention on the inhalation and exhalation, and make sure that the time taken for both are equal. Another advantage of this technique is that it will divert your mind from the panic attack.
Stop Negative Thoughts
Most of the time, people get panic attacks because they think about negative things again and again. Therefore, it is very important to stop all such negative thoughts from coming to your mind. It may not be very easy to do this, but it is not impossible either. You can shout the word STOP inside your head several times. You can make your mind busy by reading a book, solving a puzzle, or listening to your favorite music. Thus you will be able to replace those ugly thoughts with more calming ones.
Spend at least half an hour everyday in doing some exercises. When you exercise, the body uses up all the adrenalin hormones released during panic attacks and protects your body from its adverse effects. Moreover, it also helps to relax the tensed muscles caused by anxiety. You need not join a gym and shell out some money for this purpose. Just a brisk walk or simple stretching exercises will be helpful enough to cope up with anxiety.
Distract Your Mind
You should start doing this as soon as you notice any anxiety symptoms. This will stop the signals of panic attacks from reaching your brain. One of the simplest ways to do this is to pick up any object around you and verbalize its description. Tell yourself everything about it, starting from its color, size, texture and whatever qualities of the object that meets your eyes at that point of time. This way you are actually discarding all the thoughts of panic attacks that tend to creep into your mind.
Now you can understand how simple it is to stop anxiety attacks. An unhealthy lifestyle is often responsible for triggering panic attacks in most people. Therefore, controlling its symptoms will be much easier if you bring about some positive changes in your lifestyle. For this, you have to eat right kind of foods, which include eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid fried foods and junk foods. Most importantly, strictly stop consumption of stimulants like tobacco, caffeine and alcohol.