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The subconscious mind is the place where we harbor our hopes, aspirations, fears, and memories of the present, future, and even our past. Even though these thoughts are perpetually active and present at all time, we still prefer to keep them buried, so that our secret thoughts are known only to us. It is the ever open and yet locked door to our souls, which manifests itself through the feeling of longing to have something or be someone, or to be able to do a particular act. The subconscious mind represents our true personality, which wishes and waits to be brought forth, only if we allow them.

The reason why certain seemingly ordinary people become successful, is because they kept their deepest desires alive. While they wished for it, they realized that they would have to work upon their wish, in order to see it happen. I’m not saying that if you wish to win a lottery, you will, because it takes more than simply buying the ticket to make a dream come true. Nor am I saying that you won’t win, which you might, but in these cases, the odds outweigh the winning prospect. However, being in touch with your deepest desires, will help you stay happy and will give you a sense of direction and goal.

Ways to Talk to Your Subconscious Mind

#1- What Do You Desire?
In order to be able to actually watch your dreams come true, you must be aware of what your heart really desires. You will need to make a mental or written list of all the things that you want. These wishes must be honest and from the very depth of your heart. The list must comprise, how you would like to see your life play out. These wishes need not be futuristic, and can be those which you desire in the present. All in all, you simply have to clear your mind and come up with a few concise and clear wishes. For instance, if you are unemployed; begin by truly wishing for a job which will pay you well and give you mental satisfaction. Ask for a job which you have always desired for, and could never have.

#2- Think of Realistic Goals
Your goals and aspirations must be realistic, attainable, and practical for you to achieve and manage. Only then can you make the first step towards trying to attain your dream. For instance, if you wish to make dancing your career, you must firstly be talented enough to take dancing as a profession. If you know you are not as talented as expected, then you must not waste your time seeking impractical dreams. However, if you know you are really talented, ask your subconscious mind to believe it even more, and ask for opportunities from the universe. The universe will bring your wish to you. How that may happen, is not for you to decide or bother about. All you need to do is ask for a direct and clear wish.

#3- Self Affirmation
You will need to keep reminding yourself about the things you want. You will need to keep asking and reminding yourself about what you desire and expect from yourself. For instance, if you feel you are not good looking enough and feel ugly and insignificant, you will need to tell yourself that you are attractive in your own unique way. You will need to self affirm this thought, by using the words; ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’, ‘Mine’, and recite affirmations such as:

“I am attractive and I am special, just the way everyone else is.”

“My existence is my own, and I have the inner strength to stay positive.

This is a form of self hypnosis or subconscious mind exercise, which you can practice throughout the day and at night before sleeping. Trust me, you will begin to feel more confident about yourself with every passing day.

#4- Imagine What You Desire
When you are asking for a wish from yourself or things beyond your reach, always remember to imagine it. This simply means that you need to visualize yourself living your dream or actually being or doing what you ask for. For instance, taking the example of you wishing to become a dancer. You must visualize yourself participating in a live audition, performing brilliantly, and actually getting selected. This is a form of daydreaming which helps keep our hopes and dreams alive. When you visualize, try to feel every aspect of your thought, as if you are taking active part in it. Imagine yourself to be physically present and practicing your wish. Let this remain in your mind, and you do not need to move your body in any way. Simply meditate in a quiet place, and visualize.

#5- Pen Your Thoughts Down
Write down everything that you expect from yourself and your life in a diary or a journal. Let this diary be accessible only and only to you. This is a book of secrets, which no one must have access to, except you. Only your positive energies must flow through the pages. Always try to keep your diary and your mind recharged with happy vibes. Record the changes you have noticed in your attitude and incidences which occurred that positively affected you. Write these down on a daily basis. Be observant and in sync with your mood and thoughts at all times.

#6- Be Patient & Optimistic
In order to improve your subconscious mind, you need to be very patient, calm, and continually positive about everything that is happening in your life. Take every aspect positively and take lessons from them, even though they may seem disadvantageous to you. Understand that, like everything else in this world, the bad moments too will pass, and good things will come your way. Keep sending out good vibes to yourself, to the universe, and even to others that you seek from or care about

Whether or not you wish to connect with your subconscious mind, is a matter of personal choice. Nonetheless, these are simply suggestions that have worked for millions of people around the world. How you communicate with your subconscious may differ, but the end goal is to achieve a state of well-being and peace.