How to Cure Panic Attacks
Panic attacks are irregular episodes of intense fear that are aroused suddenly and often without any visible reasons. In view of a panic attack, a person experiences various levels of intense fear and tremendous discomfort within a few minutes of the onset of the attack. There are many reasons that lead to these attacks. Although the exact cause of the same has not yet been determined, anxiety is said to be a strong reason that leads to these attacks.
There is a motley of reasons and causes of panic attacks that vary with each case. Yet, a panic attack is said to be the biggest onslaught of the anxiety disorder. It is also said that stress, tension, fatigue and other similar activities that tire the brain, lead to a build up of several functional barriers within the brain and cause these attacks. A specific time cannot be pegged for when a person may suffer from panic attacks; in fact, a person can also suffer from panic attacks at night while sleeping. There are several treatments for panic attacks that can relieve a person from the unwanted symptoms. These will be discussed in the following sections.
Mild panic attacks can be cured with relaxation techniques and meditation and other alternative and natural therapies, while severe panic attacks require special medication forms along with regular treatment methods.
Often overlooked, a person’s diet also plays a vital role in curing panic attacks. There are several foods that can trigger these attacks while some can reduce the chances of the same. Foods rich in vitamin B and several other foods that belong to the B complex family, like, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B3 (niacin), etc. are also essential for reducing panic attack symptoms.
The food equation for panic attacks should include 20% Meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products + 35% fruits and vegetables + 45% rice, cereals, legumes, etc. Foods in this combination can be considered as a balanced diet for people who experience this condition.
Medication Forms
In case of severe panic attacks, a psychiatrist or health professional will prescribe certain medicines. These include antidepressants which have calming properties, and thereby help the person in dealing with the attacks in a better manner. These medication forms may include, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI), Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MOI), Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA), and Benzodiazepines, which are central nervous system antidepressants.
Most often, these medicines are prescribed along with thorough psychotherapy. Panic attacks are related to the human mind and hence psychotherapy can be a blessing to work in tandem with the medication prescribed to cure panic attacks. Several therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy could be administered by the psychiatrist. Alleviating the problems that are causing anxiety symptoms in the patient, is also a great cure. As there is a deep connection between anxiety and panic disorder.
Natural Cures
There are various ways to cure panic attacks without medicines. Relaxation techniques are extremely useful in this direction. These relaxation techniques mainly include stress management via deep breathing, visualizing projective muscle relaxation, autogenic relaxation which includes visual imaginary relaxation as well as awareness of the surroundings. Meditation and yoga are also useful ways to cure these attacks naturally.
As the person learns to overcome the worries in his life, he can deal with the attacks in a better way. A person is required to expend only 20 – 30 minutes daily in order to bring these exercises into action. Scheduling several easy meditation techniques as a routine and getting to know some easy yoga exercises will definitely help in the long run.
Observing all the instructions of the health care provider, keeping appropriate follow-up of the recovery of the patient, and assuring TLC to the patient are some of the best ways to cure panic attacks.