Learning to Relax

You know the feeling. You decide to sit down and watch some TV or read a book, anything to get away from work or chores, and you feel restless. “What am I doing?” you think to yourself, wondering why you’re not working. You should be busy! Active! Productive! Unfortunately, this attitude is all too prevalent in our world.
Think of it as an investment!
Relaxation is investing time in yourself. Sure, you might think that investing that time in your work or your children might be more productive, but that’s not necessarily so. You’ll be more productive when you are working if you’ve spent some time relieving stress. So, rather than thinking, “I’m doing NOTHING,” think of it as an investment. At the moment it might seem as if you’re doing nothing, but later on you’ll be more effective in whatever you’re doing because you’ll be less stressed.
Recharging your batteries
Think of your body and mind like a cell phone or laptop. They require recharging once in a while otherwise the batteries die and you can’t use them anymore. You might think sleeping is enough for your body, but your mind needs time to rest as well. Consistently neglecting to allow yourself to relax can cause you to collapse both physically and mentally.
Want to lose a few pounds?
relax with exercise
One of the best ways to relieve stress and invest time in yourself is by exercising. Not only is it good for your body and mind, but in a sense you’re working at the same time! You’re burning calories and eventually you’ll see yourself slimming down if you keep at it!
Productive laziness
If you absolutely MUST get something done but would like time to relax, find a way to get your work done in a low-stress way. Need to clean the house? Turn on some music and dance as you clean. Have to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Play a CD in the car and sing as you weave through traffic. Report due for school? Go find a friend and ask them to read over your paper so you get some social time as well as get a second opinion.
chill out
This is a word you might have heard of if you’re under 25 or have teenage children, but for those who aren’t ‘hip’, chillax is a combination of “chill” and “relax”. It means exactly what you’d think – so do it! Chill out and enjoy your relaxation. If you start feeling restless or anxious, take a deep breath, let out the frustration, and enjoy your time to yourself.
Keep these suggestions in mind when you’re finding yourself getting stresed and overworked. It’s okay to be lazy, and in fact, it’s highly recommended by doctors and psychologists! Taking a little time each day to enjoy life and do something you enjoy will make you both happier, healthier, and more productive. So go ahead! Chillax!