Forensic Psychologist Salary

Forensic psychologists have the main duty of testing or evaluating individuals who are being prosecuted for offenses. A sound knowledge of the field along with that of the criminal justice system of the country is imperative to practice in this field. According to several surveys conducted regarding a career in forensic psychology, it has been found that the future prospects in terms of both, career growth and salary are quite impressive.

The salary depends largely on the educational qualifications, acquired skills, number of years of experience in the industry, and one’s location. Plus, those with master’s and doctorate degrees will definitely earn more in this profession.

• As per several job market surveys, the average salary of forensic psychologists is around US $78,000 per year (Source: Indeed).
• Those who are among the low earning group make around $57,000 per year (Source: PayScale).
• The highest paid lot is known to earn more than US $110,000 per year.
• The median salary of a forensic psychologist is around US $60,636 (Source:PayScale).
• Those working in the state or local governments can earn anything between $45,000 to $88,000 per year.
• As a forensic psychologist, you can also get a high-paying and prestigious job as a teacher in a reputed university.
• The salary range is higher for those working in large hospital chains or have their private practice.
• According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the federal government is the largest employer of forensic psychologists.

Given below is the salary data for forensic psychologists, based on their location in the United States of America.

Alabama $79,000
Alaska $57,000
Arizona $64,000
Arkansas $79,000
California $84,000
Colorado $69,000
Connecticut $90,000
Delaware $68,000
Florida $73,000
Georgia $89,000
Hawaii $48,000
Idaho $51,000
Illinois $89,000
Indiana $75,000
Iowa $77,000
Kansas $71,000
Kentucky $67,000
Louisiana $70,000
Maine $69,000
Maryland $80,000
Massachusetts $94,000
Michigan $79,000
Minnesota $68,000
Mississippi $82,000
Missouri $77,000
Montana $65,000
Nebraska $57,000
Nevada $59,000
New Hampshire $77,000
New Jersey $84,000
New Mexico $68,000
New York $94,000
North Carolina $74,000
North Dakota $69,000
Ohio $75,000
Oklahoma $72,000
Oregon $75,000
Pennsylvania $75,000
Rhode Island $71,000
South Carolina $77,000
South Dakota $59,000
Tennessee $72,000
Texas $76,000
Utah $61,000
Vermont $69,000
Virginia $79,000
Washington $81,000
West Virginia $74,000
Wisconsin $69,000
Wyoming $64,000
*The above figures are as per Indeed as of May 2, 2015.

Jobs for forensic psychologists are expected to grow at a rate of 15% up to 2018. It definitely appears to be a lucrative field, and with the government being its biggest employer, there is a lot to achieve in terms of job satisfaction as well as remuneration.