How to Relieve Anxiety Without Medication

It had been so long since Emily walked through the doors of her classroom. She had experienced several panic attacks since childhood. And they only got worse as the years progressed. She had tried everything. Her prescription drugs were helping, but she was so afraid that she would choke on the pills, that she stopped taking those too. Then one day, her parents took her to visit a home, meant especially for people with anxiety disorders. She saw young and old people there. Some sitting listless and staring away into nothingness. And some were hyperactive, jumping at every small sound or movement they saw or felt. It was at that moment that Emily decided what she had to do. She had to take matters into her own hands. She had to learn to relieve her anxiety without medication, because she really could not bear to pop another pill. Let’s help her with some tips on managing anxiety without drugs.
This article is aimed at helping those countless people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Though medically prescribed drugs help in a great way to reduce anxiety symptoms, there are other options that one can explore too. So read ahead to know how you can relieve anxiety without medication. These methods may help you to learn how to cope with the underlying problem.
*Disclaimer: Though these methods can be used by people experiencing anxiety symptoms, it in no way means that they must abandon any medical treatment that they are undergoing for the same. They can definitely be used as complementary ways to relieve stress and anxiety, but not as the only one.
Make Up Your Mind: Coping with a disorder like anxiety is not a piece of cake. Anxiety medication gives you temporary relief by making you groggy and sleepy. When you wake up, you’re back to the disoriented state. So, if you’re thinking of taking some natural cures for anxiety, you need to be firm. You need to make the difficult decision and stick to it.
Plan It: Once you’ve made the decision to undertake natural methods to control anxiety, then you need a plan. A plan which will help you realize what it takes to cope with the disorder without the help of drugs. Only strategic planning can help you to deal with the problem. So make a good plan and follow it. The following steps will tell you what exactly you need to do.
Herbs: One of the best natural ways to cope with anxiety is to consume natural herbs. Chamomile tea, bugleweed, valerian root and its extract help to lessen the effect and frequency of panic attacks during the night. Borage juice with a tbsp of water everyday, lemon balm, etc., are some other herbs that you can choose from.
Meditation: To deal with anxiety, one must know how to channel his constructive energy into something other than panic. Panic attacks, though not really physical in nature, can take a toll on your physical abilities as well. For this, and also to give you a good night’s sleep, try some meditation techniques. Team them with yoga and they will ease your mind, help you focus better and let you sleep peacefully at night.
Acupuncture: Using acupuncture for anxiety is another option that you can try out. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that helps to reduce the effect of anxiety and stress on your body. The practice of acupuncture involves the release of endorphins. Endorphins are what induce a feeling of happiness in a person. Happy people don’t feel stress and anxiety.
Eat & Drink Right: Another important step that you need to take in an effort to relieving anxiety, is to alter your diet in such a way that it eradicates foods that induce negative effects and includes those that provide a calming effect to the nervous system. For instance, stay away from caffeine, as it is a major stimulant and can be tough on your nerves. Take foods rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. They help in relaxing the nerves in the body.
Talk it Out: Another method that you can use in combination with any or all of the above is to face the inherent problem that is causing you so much distress. Remember, anxiety is not a physical condition. It begins in the head and festers itself there. Until you confront the issue that is triggering off the panic attacks, there is little more that can hasten the treatment. Write down what you feel or confide in a close friend your greatest fears and why you developed them. Even if you cannot identify the root cause, talk on a regular basis. You never know, you might just stumble upon the reason.