Anxiety and Missed Period

Stress and anxiety are very similar problems that deal with being unglued and not in control of one’s emotions, while it reflects over time on our health. We don’t realize how important it is to slow down and relax our senses, because the overload from all that stress and anxiety can shutdown our vital functions one at a time. Skipping one’s period is a common dilemma among women, since there are many factors that lead up to one missing out on her time of the month. Sometimes women don’t get their period at all in a month because of an underlying issue with their bodies.

Anxiety and a missed period is a problem that a lot of women face, what with life being so stressful and chaotic. Be it at work, at home, making it to appointments or running errands, our bodies and minds are in a constant state of panic and tension it hampers our systems in the long haul. Without knowing it, our eating habits are disrupted, digestion is not effectively processed and skipping meals becomes an all too familiar habit. Anxiety can take over our bodies to such an extent that the effects of it are noticeable over time, especially when put through a very emotionally and mentally distraught time.

Understanding the Effects of Anxiety On Menstruation

Stress can most definitely delay one’s period. Like anxiety, it can trigger the body to switch to a mode that doesn’t allow it to follow its regular course of action. This is turn causes a change in the sequence in events, where in this case it is a woman’s period. A hormone in the body known as the Gn RH or gonadotropin-releasing hormone, controls the workings of a woman’s ovulation time. It brings on her time of the month when it is sufficiently present, where stress decreases the hormone count, thus making a woman miss out on her period on the scheduled day. Relaxation is key here, and needs to be habituated since women tend to get caught up in a whirlwind of events and duties, putting their health away on a forgotten shelf.

What Causes a Missed Period?

Missing your period doesn’t always have to be because of anxiety and bodily stress, where your situation could amount to an entirely different case scenario all together. Seek medical help if this problem tends to repeat itself, so that you know for a fact that it has nothing to do with a bigger matter. Being sure about things like this would put you at a lesser risk of suffering from anything severe. The following causes can also be areas where concern should be directed.

  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Asherman’s syndrome
  • Drug abuse
  • Excess body weight, or extremely low weight
  • Strenuous exercises
  • Traveling
  • Hormone imbalances when changed can alter one’s menstrual cycle
  • Falling ill
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Birth control pills
  • Eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia
  • Menopause
  • Imperforate hymen
  • Breast feeding

Missing out on your period can seem like a tense situation, but you need to be able to calm down and take it easy for a while. If anxiety has been taking over your life, and if you’ve been missing your period as a result, you have to be able to relax yourself at least a week before you’re scheduled to get your period. That way you slow down your entire system that has been on overdrive for weeks now, and concentrate more on getting your cycle back on track. Consult a doctor if this happens too often, and get help on ways of how to keep your period coming when it should. Have a safe tomorrow.