How to Get Rid of Negative Energies in Your Life

Do you believe in your psyche and feel that there is a deeper soul connecting you? You need not be a spiritual follower to believe in positive and negative energies and the deeper soul. If man has the capacity to feel, relate, and heal, if emotions exist, we can say terms like positive and negative energy are not superstitions. There are numerous times when you feel low and dragged by a subconscious air of depression. There is a feeling of something wrong, something missing, or just not complete. The place may look dull and moments may seem to freeze in a sad and low way. There will not be a practical explanation for this feeling, but you know something around you is just not right. This can be the result of negative energy around you or even inside you. This energy leaves you feeling irritated, sick, and lost.
Negative energy can develop in an individual by his thoughts, or by absorbing somebody else’s negativity. It can also be a specific place or thing that can surround you with negative energy. This energy can seep through your aura and disturb you physically and emotionally as well. So how do you get rid of these negative energies? And how do you keep your aura resistant to these negative waves. There are many simple solutions that can help in cleansing your mind, body, soul and your surroundings.
Cleansing the Body, the Atman and the Soul
Our conscience and soul is most vulnerable to negative energies, so to create a strong and positive inner soul can ward off evil and negativity. Once you strengthen your mind and soul, no negative energy can attack you.
Optimism is the key. Maintain a balanced body and mind. Tell your self that there is nothing bad that can happen, prepare your subconscious mind and soul to believe in positive energy that is all around you. Meditate and try to contact your deeper soul, it may be tough to focus, but with practice, this can be achieved.
cry out
Cry out your emotions and the negativity. It sounds insane, but crying actually helps vent out all the negative energy. So let it go, find a lone space and think of the saddest things, it can be your past, something recent or even something bad in the world. Once done, you will feel much lighter and better, then comfort yourself with a warm beverage like tea, coffee, milk, etc. Slowly sip and relax as you drink.
ignore negativity
Man is born social, but not as a slave to anyone. You do not owe or are not bound to any negative person to serve loyalty and sacrifice. So if you are being surrounded by negative people, (negativity can be camouflaged in a bullying attitude, abusive behavior, guilt, anger, disdain, emotional trauma and exploitation) keep distance. Avoid contact and learn the art to suppress their efforts to make you feel low and negative.
Most of us have at least one negative person close. Since breaking away is not possible always (as in certain cases it is a close friend, spouse, or parent). Think about how much you do for them and the amount of negativity they shower on you. Nobody can take you for granted, and make you feel inferior. Realize you have the right to be happy and nothing has the right to negate your existence.
focus on good things
Focus on the good things in your life, the moment negativity creeps in, shut the door of your mind and stop the negative thoughts. Open your mind only to positive energy, attract positivity by being happy, grateful and relaxed.
Have a sauna or a hot shower. The steam will cleanse the body and get rid of negative energies. Having a salt bath or using sea salt scrub too will cleanse you. Acupuncture, or massage therapy can also help. Exercise and eat healthy food, let blood circulate in your body and mind.
spend time with family
Talk to family, friends or even visit a deceased loved one. Write down all your dreams, try to relate them to understand what they mean. Think about solutions before going to sleep.
If negativity can be chalked down in words, do it. Draw or write about that energy, it can be a weird picture, crazy handwriting, or words that may not make sense at all. Next burn or flush the piece of paper, visualize the negative energy getting destroyed.
Take help from nature, visit a holy place, consult a priest or religious or spiritual teacher. Read holy and healing books, enchant a mantra or a phrase convincing your spirit to let go the negativity.
Cleansing the Home and Surroundings
With your body and deeper soul, it is also important to cleanse your home, if the place feels negative.
keep the house clean
Open all the doors and windows, and clean the house well. With no trace of dust or dirt, the house should be sparkling clean. Most of the time, cleaning the house washes away negativity.
Dispose anything in the house that is not yours or that which you feel is housing negative energy. If you have moved, a piece of furniture a book or a toy too can be the reason. Get rid of it.
Use sound and light to cleanse the house. Walk around the house in a clock wise pattern, ring a bell as you enter each corner or room. You can also use wind chimes or play soothing music in the house. Keep doors and windows open during this. Let the house breathe well with good ventilation and sunlight pour in, the negative energy will be replaced with positive.
It is believed that salt wards off all evil. Sprinkle some salt on the exteriors of the house or on the door thresholds. Water too is a good cleanser, sprinkle freshwater in the house and imagine the negative waves evaporating. Fill a medium-sized bowl with little water and add salt to it. Keep this bowl under your bed for 3 to 4 days, then throw away that water.
use herbs
Use herbs and scents to cleanse the place. Burning sage is an effective remedy. You can also use lavender, eucalyptus and mint too for warding off evil and attracting good will.
angel statue
Cover the mirrors in your house for a complete day. Place a guardian or an angel statue in the house. You
can also place a bowl of fresh cold water in the house for a week and then throw the water.
This along with a few ‘Feng Shui’ tips, or consulting a tarot card reader or similar, and getting your house blessed can also help you get rid of the negative energies in the house.

Remember, negativity will grow if you let it grow and survive. Believe in your self and positivity. When you believe in negativity, it will get more room to expand. Face it head on, do not get scared and succumb to its reign. Your life is yours, to live in happiness and in positivity is your right. So stay cheerful, take control. All the best!