Struggling with age

Our brain is probably the most overworked organ in our body. It constantly sends and receives signals to and from the various parts of our body. It is constantly alert and vigilant and can identify any malfunction in a jiffy. However, as we grow older, our brain seems to slow down from its normal pace and takes longer to respond to stimuli. It is a natural process and nothing to be afraid of. But there are some things that you can do to ensure that your brain remains as alert and vigilant as when you were young. You can do that by using the brain activities for seniors mentioned in this WellnessKeen article.
Memory Games
One of the best ways to help seniors sharpen their brain is to ask them to play some awesome memory games. These games will not only help them to remember, it will also boost their self-confidence to a great extent. You can play simple memory games like names of places. Have a group sit together and one person begins by taking the name of a place. The next person must say the first name and then say the name of a place that begins with the last letter of the first one. The next one must say both the names and then a new name. In this way, the whole group has to remember each place’s name along with a new one. Another game you can try out is, place a tray of objects for a minute and then take it away and ask them to list out as many objects as they can. Give a prize to the one who remembers the maximum number of objects within a minute.
Thinking Games
If the senior in question would prefer something to do alone, then you can always give him or her a few good thinking games to play. Get them books of Sudoku to solve, if they like numbers. If it’s words that they like, then a book of crosswords is something that they’re sure to enjoy. You can also give them a jigsaw puzzle with 500+ pieces to solve. You can also have competitions for these games during a party or any special occasion. Scrabble, chess, Boggle etc. are also options you can explore to activate their gray cells.
Here’s a great way to have seniors not only get their brain active, but also get their creative juices flowing. You can gift them an empty book and ask them to transform it into a fancy scrapbook. They can do anything that they want with it. They can take up a topic and make the scrapbook. For instance, if they go on a trip, they can cut out pictures, photographs, some simple objects, etc. and paste them in the scrapbook. They can also make a scrapbook of their lives by hunting out old photographs and pasting them chronologically in the scrapbook.
For seniors who are tech savvy or are comfortable using electronics, you can get them some really interesting gadgets to play around with. There’s no shortage of computer games in the market. You can also give them a portable video game that they can play with all day long. These games are very addictive and require a reasonable amount of strategy and concentration. There are also a lot of smart phones and other devices available, which can keep any tech savvy person engaged for hours on end.
Brain Teasers
The most fun way to help seniors with brain stimulation is give them some books with mind-boggling riddles to solve. You can also give them books on simple trivia if you think they’ll enjoy it. Another thing you can do is, organize a competition with his or her fellow seniors and have rounds of simple quizzes with brain teasers and riddles etc. It will be fun and will help them to keep their brain alert as well.
Keeping the brain alert, as mentioned before does not have an age limit. So, eat healthy, involve yourself in adequate physical exercise for the right amount of oxygen flow to the brain, and indulge in the brain activities mentioned above to keep your brain young and fit!