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Self MotivationTips For Self-Motivation

Finding the motivation to follow through on the goals and plans you have, can at times feel very daunting. It’s often very easy to slip into bad habits and slack on achieving more in your life, when every day stress and responsibilities get in the way. The key to overcoming this is to...

Monday, 18 Feb 2013
Positive ThinkingPositive Thinking Tips

Staying positive all the time can be difficult, especially when things get difficult or you feel stressed and anxious. In cases like this it is important to remember that your happiness is completely in your own hands and that your own mental attitude towards things is what will determine whether or not you...

Thursday, 7 Feb 2013
Self EsteemAffirmations For Self-Esteem

If you are struggling to feel good about yourself and have little confidence, you may benefit from practising affirmations for self-esteem. Affirmations are a way to send your subconscious mind positive messages which will improve your feelings of self-worth and confidence if practised correctly. There are a lot of positive affirmations that will...

Monday, 4 Feb 2013

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Mental Confidence

True confidence is a mental state – a belief that you will achieve your goals and that you belong in your own personal space, wherever it may be at the time.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, both genders struggle with their own individual confidence issues. Commonly, for women, it usually involves their own physical attributes – men, on the other hand, might be wondering if they’re really living up the expectations of being the so-called “real man.”

Whether you’re looking to help a friend or just to improve your own mental confidence, this site aims to assist you with various articles on a range of related subjects.

Remember: there can only be one you – you might as well be excellent at it!

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